Nazarbayev University Students won 5 Medals in an International Mathematics Competition

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Nazarbayev University students participated in the International Mathematics Competition (IMC) in Bulgaria from 28th July to 3rd August, 2019. They have brought 5 medals to the Nazarbayev University. In this year, Nazarbayev University was represented by five students: Bakdauren Narbayev, Bakytzhan Kurmanbek, Nartay Aikyn, Izat Khamiyev and Zhumazhenis Dairabay.

After months of preparation efforts, Izat was awarded a Silver Medal, Bakdauren, Bakytzhan, Zhumazhenis and Nartay were awarded 4 Bronze Medals. Team leader was Bakhytbek Zhumanov.

The NU Math Team climbed ranking, appearing in the top-42 universities of the IMC 2019 ranking , which is nearby ranking of Ecole Polytechnique (France), Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) and ahead of result of Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), etc. The result was better than last year, NU Team ranked #67 in 2018.

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In picture, NU and Kazakhstan MSU students.

The IMC is one of prestigious competitions for students, organized with the joint participation of the American University in Bulgaria and University College London. Over the past twenty-five competitions students from more than 200 institutions from over 65 countries all over the world have participated. Problems given for students are from the fields of Algebra, Real and Complex Analysis, Geometry and Combinatorics.

We wish to acknowledge the support of Nazarbayev University, the effort of Zhumazhenis Dairabay and the assistance of Bakhytbek Zhumanov and Dr. Yerlan Amanbek.